APR Coilpacks


Posted by on January 11th at 11:35am

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Picked up some APR ignition coils. What drew me to these was the 10% output increase. While this doesn't mean a "stronger" spark it will provided some extra headroom in power output to be sure that the spark is consistently firing every single time. For $150 they are a no-brainer even if your engine build isn't high horsepower. Plus let's be real, everyone loves red ignition coils.

A common misconception is to just stick Audi R8 coils in your build and you will get the same performance. This has been proven by APR and others that this is simply not true. The coils below are a true upgrade and not just a different color.

PXL_20211227_222322844.PORTRAIT PXL_20211227_222318069.PORTRAIT

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