Build Introduction: A little bit of histroy

Read up on the build plan, problems to solve and more.

Posted by Aaron Meeuwsen on September 17th at 4:32pm

Hello, and welcome!

Well here we are at the first post of this build. I hope you find this site a useful tool for any cool projects you may be working on now or in the future. The aim here is full transparency into the effort and cost to do a build like this.

The platform

The goal of this project is to take a 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup or "Caddy" as they are often nicknamed and turn it into a weekend rocket ship. For more information on this vehicle see here.

The build

So what am I going to do to this old truck? Well its going to get the full ground up go-fast treatment. This includes an 07k 5cyl engine swap, full custom cage build, and AWD swap. The unique nature of this build is why I wanted to document the process for anyone else that may want to incorporate ideas or processes into their build. Now with above description comes some problems we will have to overcome to get this swap to become reality.

Build bullet points

Below are some of the milestones that will be hit along the way to get this build complete:

  • Full cage build
  • Rear sub frame build for rear diff and suspension
  • Custom 07k mounting and axle work
  • Full engine build including forged internals, turbo, standalone ECU
  • Wide body addition/conversion
  • Interior refactoring such as seats, dash, layout for new components

In conclusion

If you read this far first of all thank you! But it also brings us back to why this site even exists. I have no doubt others might find this useful and I want to be here for you. Use this knowledge. Expand on it. And have fun! Thank you for reading.

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