Installation of Forged Internals

Posted by on April 15th at 10:38am

Onto the meaty bits...

Parts used

Tools used

Torque Specs

  • ARP 2000 Rod Bolts - 50 ft/lbs
  • Oil Pump Bolts - 19 ft/lbs (25nm)

Next is installing the parts that will be taking the brunt of our high horsepower beating; pistons and rods. First some glamour shots.

Be sure to click images for hi res

PXL_20220408_122603145.PORTRAIT PXL_20220409_033814823.PORTRAIT

During this whole process I was laser focused on making sure everything was done correctly. Due to this I didn't get any photos taken during the rod and piston assembly; I know shame on me. But I at least came out of my focus tunnel to snap a finished product before installation picture. PXL_20220409_051025783.PORTRAIT

Beer featured above --> Xtra Dubl Benthic


Next I started laying in pistons. The ARP ring compressor and plenty of lube had them dropping in with little effort. PXL_20220409_053957323.PORTRAIT PXL_20220409_054106012.PORTRAIT PXL_20220410_144942018.PORTRAIT

All that was left was to bolt the oil pump back in and snap the final picture. PXL_20220410_214926224.PORTRAIT PXL_20220410_221906320.PORTRAIT

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