Engine Block Prep

Post showing progress of machine work being done to prep bottom end

Posted on June 30th at 1:52pm

Proper prep is the foundation of power

When building any engine your tolerences inside the motor are small. However when more than doubling the power output is your goal those tolerences and need for perfect execution is critical to be sure you avoid catastrphic engine failure. The base for all this starts with making sure that every part of the engine is within spec and ready to be built. This can take many forms but the general rule is do right once. I usually error on the side of caution with everything I do; so for this I opted for the full treatment on this block. When installing parts worth thousands of real dollars it is absolutley crucial they are given the best chance at performing safely.

With that said about 2 weeks ago I brought the block into a local shop near me; Apex Auto Machine. They are small in scale but more than capable of getting this block ready for 500hp. Services performed are as follows:

  • Strip block to prep for tumble-blasting (oilway plugs, freeze plugs, etc.)
  • Tumble-blast clean - completely strips block of all material that is not bare metal
  • Cylinder hone .020" over
  • Mains sline-hone
  • Deck check/surface
  • New freeze plugs, oil way plugs, etc.

Below are some images of what the tumble cleaning process looks like. Before and after respectivley.

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