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Posted on October 14th at 1:27pm


Build timeline

Below is a respresentation of my ideal timeleine for finishing parts of this build.

gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD title Build timeline axisFormat %b section Broad Timeline Drivetrain Removal :active, des1, 2020-10-13, 50d Engine/Transmission Installed : des2, after des1, 30d Get Engine Running : des3, after des2, 30d Test and Tuning : des4, after des3, 30d

Build log links

This page lists out all content on this site in orderd link form. This should make it easy to search for any log entries or documentation.

Any list items below that are not linked have not had a write up yet but act as a placeholder for content to come. It's more for me to get my thgouts down so I don't forget to cover something.

Upcoming posts

  • Removing factory 1.6D engine and transmission
  • Removing axles and front spindle assembly
  • Removing fuel tank and lines
  • Removing interior
  • Placing motor/tranmission and sketching mounts
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